International Book on ‘Inspiring Stories of Successful Indian Personalities Worldwide’ released

Chandigarh, May 26, 2017: The international coffee table book ‘Inspiring Stories of Successful Indian Personalities Worldwide – 2017’ was launched at a function held at the Chandigarh Press Club. Dr. Ketan Shukla, a leading  Kidney Transplant Surgeon based in Ahmedabad and an inspiring story himself,  was the Chief Guest. The book has been authored by Aneesh Bhanot and  profiles 22 highly inspiring and successful personalities from across the world, including 5 from Canada, 2 from USA, 1 from UK, 1 from UAE and 12 from India (Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Bengaluru, Chennai and Chandigarh). The book is dedicated to Neerja Bhanot, the sister of Aneesh Bhanot, who gave up her life while saving hundreds of others during the  hijack of Flight Pan Am 73.

According to Aneesh Bhanot, “The personalities have been carefully selected from different backgrounds and regions from all over the world and have one trait in common – a very inspiring  success story. The book will be sent free to around 1500 universities, colleges and schools across India for placing in their libraries so that it could help in  motivating our talented youth to create similar success stories in their lives. My hope is that students, both girls and boys, read the book and say ‘Oh, even I can do this in my life !’ Over the years, if the book is able to enthuse the youth in doing something meaningful in their life, the purpose would have been achieved. For this reason, the book will also shortly be available on the App ‘True Inspiring Stories’ for both Android as well as iOS phones and devices.”

The personalities featured  in the book are: Canada: Anil Shah, Surjit Singh Babra, Shashi Bhatia, Ramesh Chotai, Dr. V I Lakshmanan; USA: Venkatesh Raghavendra, Dr. Gurpreet Dhillon; UK: Indresh Bhanot; Dubai: Sanjay Deshmukh; India: (Chennai/Ayikudy: S Ramakrisnan,  Sankara Raman; Bengaluru: Subhashini Vasanth; Delhi: Deepak Gupta; Chandigarh: Vivek Atray, Kartar Singh Dhamija; Ahmedabad:  Dr. Ketan Shukla, K M Thakkar; Dr. Darshna Thakker; Mumbai: Harpal Singh Gandhi, Ram Madhvani, Atul Kasbekar. Dedicated to : Neerja Bhanot

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